2 Nights with Michael Gira & Norman Westberg (Swans) (Day 2)

Event details

  • Tuesday | 29.10.2019
  • 20:45
  • Aleja Armii Ludowej 14; 00-637 Warszawa


Jest to dla nas ogromny zaszczyt, że po raz trzeci wystąpi u nas na dwudniowej rezydencji muzyk, malarz, lider legendarnej grupy Swans oraz projektu “Angels Of Light” i założyciel wytwórni Young God Records, Michael Gira. Wielką radością dla nas będzie gościć po raz pierwszy gitarzystę zespołu Swans, Normana Westberga. Zapraszamy bardzo serdecznie!

➳ Poniedziałek i wtorek, 28./29.10.2019 – g. 20:45
➳ Bilety (1-Dniowe): 49 PLN (przedsprzedaż) i 59 PLN (w dniu koncertu)
➳ Adres: Aleja Armii Ludowej 14; 00-637 Warszawa

Bilety są dostępne za pośrednictwem naszej strony internetowej www.pardontotu.pl, strony Going. / lub w dniu koncertu (od godziny 19:00) ‘na bramce’ i od 14.06.2019 w “Pardon, To Tu” przy barze (kolekcjonerskie bilety)

➳ Ilość miejsc siedzących jest ograniczona.


Michael Gira

(…) Best known for his role as founder and co-leader of avant-garde rock band Swans, Michael Gira has made a point not to work very much under his own name (at least musically — he has published and regularly done spoken word shows), preferring instead to create and lead various projects as well as produce other musicians. Even after Swans came to an end, his various musical efforts were group affairs like the Body Lovers and the Angels of Light, which he led but harnessed a wide variety of performers. That said, Gira has had a few releases billed as solo efforts. Unsurprisingly, such releases demonstrate, as much as his more well-known band efforts, Gira’s skill and power at creating emotionally intense music and lyrics. (…) – Ned Raggett

Norman Westberg

Norman Westberg is a guitarist from Detroit, best known for his work with Swans. Present through almost the entirety of the band’s existence, Westberg was brought on for Swans’ debut album Filth (1983) and appeared on every album through 1991’s White Light From the Mouth of Infinity (he also played on the 1995 album The Great Annihilator). Westberg became a full-time Swans member once again when Michael Gira reactivated the group in 2010.

Westberg’s playing can also be heard on many Swans side projects, including The Body Haters and solo albums by Jarboe. Before Swans, he was a member of Carnival Crash. Westberg was for a short time a member of The Heroine Sheiks with Shannon Selberg (ex-The Cows) as well as John Fell (ex-China Shop). Aside from the present incarnation of Swans, he currently plays in the NYC bands NeVAh (with Vinnie Signorelli & Algis Kizys) and Five Dollar Priest (formerly Size Queens) (with Ron Ward of Speedball Baby & Bob Bert among others). He also appeared (credited as Norman Westburg) in a short film The Right Side of My Brain directed by Richard Kern and starring Lydia Lunch.

On February 25, 2012, Westberg made two limited edition solo releases available at his webstore. Plough is a four-track EP recorded from 2006 to 2009 and features Westberg coupling guitar with banjo and DX drum machine. Limited Edition of 75 features one fifteen-minute-long ambient piece and is packaged in one-of-a-kind imagery, each disk being decorated with a unique MRI from a CD Westberg was given in hospital. Both CD-Rs are packaged in handmade sleeves, Plough with a signed inner and Limited Edition of 75 signed and numbered on the disk itself.

In February 2014 Westberg released a third limited edition solo CD entitled 13, which was then reissued through the ROOM40 record label on November 13, 2015.

In 2014, Westberg joined with Mark Shippy (U.S. Maple), Jim Sykes (Invisible Things), Matthew Wascovich (Scarcity Of Tanks), and Mike Watt (Minutemen) to form the art rock project band Hidden Rifles. Their debut album, Across The Neighborhoods, was released in October 2017.